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About The Nanoman

The Nanoman is an interdisciplinary, multimedia outreach program that interfaces STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with the performing arts. The Nanoman is a co-production by retro-forward musical writing team Knight&Brinegar and The Steinmetz Lab. 


The Nanoman outreach program's mission is to disseminate recent scientific advances in the area of nanotechnology and oncology to the general public and K-12 students. To pique interest and reach out to a broad audience, our program combines nanoscience and technology with live musical theater, animated video, and gaming.

Scientific Background

Cancer is typically treated with chemotherapeutics; these drugs are highly toxic and not targeted to the cancer cells, which means that patients suffer from many side effects. Nanotechnology – the science and engineering of objects at the nanometer-scale (~ 2,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair) – opens the door to change this. Several nano-based therapeutics are already used in the clinic, examples include Doxil and Abraxane, and many new nano-based formulations are currently being developed and tested in preclinical and clinical studies. Chemotherapies are loaded into the nanoparticles; the nanoparticles than functions as a carrier to target the drug to the site of disease, while avoiding healthy tissues.

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