Transforming cancer immunotherapy using a harmless plant virus  

Our technology has generated cures in canine cancer patients, now is the time to bring these concepts to human cancer patients!

Join fellow UC San Diego alumni, students, parents and friends by making an online gift through the Triton Giving Fund. Interested in visiting our UC San Diego lab or discussing additional ways you can personally help to advance this transformative cancer immunotherapy toward a phase 1 clinical trials? Please contact our Jacobs School Development Officer Adrienne M. Bolli, Senior Director of Development today. 

We are transforming cancer immunotherapy by tumor immune activation using a harmless plant virus produced in plants.

  • Intratumoral treatment with the plant virus (CPMV) induces systemic efficacy to clear metastasis and prevent recurrence in tumor mouse models and canine cancer patients (several successful ongoing trials in the US and Europe)
  • Safe and not damaging to the patient.
  • Tumor immune activation through multiple pathways resulting in unprecedented potency.
  • Produced in plants - scalable yet simple and could be set up anywhere.

Intratumoral therapy with the plant virus arm's the patient's immune system to restore normal function and clear tumors and metastasis.

This technology is based on 10+ years of academic research. The approach has been published in top-tier journals, including Nature Nanotechnology. A broad patent portfolio has been established.

Now is the time to test the most innovative concepts: a plant virus immunotherapy to arm the immune system to restore normal function.

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