Current Funding


VLP immunotherapy combined with cryoablation for liver cancer treatment, in collaboration with Drs. Newton and Webster (VA, UC San Diego).


PIRE: Bio-inspired materials and systems; Pilot Project:  Dynamic virus crystals and hydrogels


mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Delivered with Plant Virus/Polymer Devices in collaboration with Dr. Pokorski 

SIR Foundation

Noninfectious plant virus-like nanoparticles for cancer immunotherapy

PI Christine Boone, Mentor: Nicole Steinmetz


Plant virus-like nanopesticides for precision farming.

CARA agreement 

Sponsored research agreement with BASF on plant virus-based agrochemicals


UC San Diego MRSEC: an NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Director: Mike Sailor; Facilities: Shirley Meng; IRG1 Lead: Tao, Pascal; IRG2 Lead: Pokorski, Steinmetz


RAPID COVID-19: Metasurface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Platform for High-Sensitivity, Multiplexed Detection of Antibodies and RNA for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

in collaboration with Professor Andrea Tao, UCSD NanoEngineering


RAPID: Scalable Manufacturing of a Microneedle Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery System

in collaboration with Professor Jon Pokorski, UCSD NanoEngineering


 Bioprinting Plant Virus Nanoparticles for Immunotherapy and Relapse Preventionof Ovarian Cancer

in collaboration with Shaochen Chen (UCSD) and Steve Fiering (Dartmouth)

The University of Sydney – University of California San Diego Partnership Collaboration Awards (PCA)

In collaboration with Dr. Markus Muellner, we will develop and study synthetic virus mimics.


In situ vaccination nanotechnology.   In collaboration with Dr. Steve Fiering, Dartmouth College. 

Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEM) Award

REAL-TIME monitoring of phage therapy pharmacodynamics. In collaboration with Drs. Chip Schooley and Steffanie Strathdee.

Shaughnessy Family Fund for Nano-ImmunoEngineering

Treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer.


Treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis usinga plant virus-nanoparticle vaccine platform

PI Ortega-Rivera, Mentor Steinmetz


Minimally invasive molecular imaging approaches using plant virus-based contrast agents to aid prostate cancer risk stratification.


Filamentous plant viruses as carriers for targeted drug delivery treating triple negative breast cancer.


Dual-pronged chemo-immunotherapy delivered using our bio-inspired nanotechnologies.


Bio-inspired nanotechnologies to aid risk stratification and therapy of deep vein thrombosis.

Past Funding

DMR-1452257 CAREER

Plant virus-based nanoparticles conjugates for medical imaging and environmental sensing


Improved detection of COVID-19 through bioinspired diagnostics

NIFA-SBIR 2019-33610-29873         

collaborative research with BioProdex Inc.

Private Donor | CWRU

Translational development of VLP immunotherapy for ovarian cancer. In collaboration with Dr. DiFeo at CWRU.


Protein/polymer devices for slow-release immunotherapy. 

In collaboration with Dr. Pokorski.

CDDI Pilot

Cancer immunotherapy with plant virus-based biologics. In collaboration with Dr. Gutkind, MCC.

Shark Tank Award 

Plant glioma in situ vaccination for glioma treatment. In collaboration with Dr. Rich, MCC.


Plant virus-based nanoparticle drug delivery targeting thrombosis.


Plant virus-based contrast agent for MRI imaging applications.

Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership 

Translational of plant VLPs for cancer immunotherapy. PIs: Steinmetz and Kim (UH Seidman).


A plant virus-based breast cancer vaccine.

Team Science Award

T-cell vaccines targeting breast cancer. PI Shukla (Research Professor in the Steinmetz Lab), Co-PI Levine (MMB), and Co-I Steinmetz.


Plant virus-templated polymeric nanoparticles, in collaboration with PI Jon Pokorski (Co-PI Steinmetz).


Engineering novel filamentous plant viruses for cancer imaging and therapy

Council to Advance Human Health

Virus-based in situ vaccination: understanding the underlying mechanism.

BES DE-SC0008068 

DNA and virus-programmed mesoscale assemblies, in collaboration with PI Roger French (Co-PI Steinmetz).


Nanomanufacturing went viral. In solution modification of Janus-type bionanoparticles, in collaboration with Co-PI Gobet Advincula.


Student exchange between TU Dresden in Germany and CWRU, in collaboration with Professor Rainer Jordan.

National Research Foundation 

Grapevine virus targeting prostate cancer, in collaboration with the Vitis Lab at Stellenbosch University, South Africa (Professor Johan Burger and Dr. Hano Maree).

CMMI-1509232 RAPID Development of a bio-inspired probe for Ebola detection, in collaboration with Co-PI Ruth Keri.

K99/R00 EB009105 

Plant virus-based nanoparticles for imaging and therapy.


Plant virus-based nanoparticle drug delivery targeting thrombosis.

Ohio Cancer Research Associates 

Plant virus drug delivery targeting breast cancer.

Steris Corporation for Infectious Disease (Pilot)

Purging persistant viral infection with nanoparticle 'seek and protect' therapy. Multi PIs: Steinmetz and Popkin (Dermatology).

Grant #IRG-91-022-18 (Pilot Award)

HER2 immunotherapy using a plant virus-based vaccination platform.

NIH P30 CA043703 (Pilot Award) 

Multi-stage delivery of nanomaterials and their cargos targeting breast cancer. PI Steinmetz, Co-PI Keri.

Interdisciplinary Alliance Investment Grant (IAIG): Innovation Pilot Grant

Core-shell nanoparticles for image-guided therapy. Multi-PI collaboration: Steinmetz and Samia (Chemistry)

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