Mission and Vision

The Steinmetz Lab’s mission is to push to new frontiers in medicine and bio-nanotechnology through design, development and testing of biology-inspired nanotechnologies derived from plant viruses. Our vision is the translation of promising candidates into clinical and commercial applications.


Nicole F. Steinmetz, Ph.D. 

George J. Picha Designated Professor in Biomaterials | Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Director, Center for Bio-Nanotechnology

Biomedical Engineering | Radiology | Materials Science and Engineering | Macromolecular Science and Engineering | Pathology | Pharmacology | Molecular Virology | Division of General Medical Sciences-Oncology



The Steinmetz Lab is located at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. 

We are affiliated with the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Case Center for Imaging Research.

Our laboratory and plant growth facilities are located in the Biomedical Research Building (BRB 309 | BRB R-B5M)

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